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What are the Dark Chocolate Sex Benefits?

Men and women alike both struggle with sexual dysfunction, whether it’s low libido leaving you genuinely uninterested in sex or poor performance when you finally get yourself up for the act.

Rather than resorting to expensive and sketchy pharmaceutical solutions, it could be as simple as trying sex chocolate! We’re here to show you why this is worth a shot as we unpack all the dark chocolate sex benefits below:

  • Enhanced blood flow and cardiovascular health
  • Mood elevation and stress reduction
  • Libido enhancement
  • Antioxidant benefits and overall well-being

More importantly, you’ll learn how to reap the dark chocolate benefits for sex firsthand with tips on making the most of this natural solution and where to buy sex chocolate online.

But if you just want to experience the sex benefits of dark chocolate today, look no further than our couple chocolate here at Tabs. It combines 60% cocoa with other natural aphrodisiacs and libido-boosting ingredients to unlock the sex life you’ve been dreaming of. 

It’s helped more than 200,000 people spice things up and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it out yourself today risk-free! For now, let’s get into the benefits of eating dark chocolate before sex.

What are the Dark Chocolate Sex Benefits?

Now, why is chocolate an aphrodisiac - and more importantly, what kind of chocolate is an aphrodisiac? When you hear people talking about the best sex chocolate, they’re referring to dark chocolate. 

This is because it has higher concentrations of key compounds for boosting libido, elevating mood, and more. The darker the chocolate, the better. Here at Tabs, we use 60% cocoa. 

All that being said, here are the dark chocolate sex benefits awaiting you…

Enhanced Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Health

Dark chocolate contains high levels of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which directly influences vascular health by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood. This relaxes and dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow throughout the body, most importantly to the genital areas. 

Enhanced circulation is essential for sexual arousal in men and women. It facilitates stronger and longer-lasting erections for men and increased genital sensitivity for women. Everyone wins!

Mood Elevation and Stress Reduction

The presence of serotonin and phenylethylamine (PEA) in dark chocolate can positively impact mood and stress levels. 

Serotonin is well-known for its role in boosting mood and creating a sense of calm, which can alleviate stress and anxiety that often hinder sexual desire and performance. 

PEA is sometimes called the “love drug” because it mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love, fostering feelings of excitement and attraction. 

Together, these mood-enhancing properties make dark chocolate a powerful ally in setting a positive and relaxed tone for intimacy. If you find that you can’t get “in the mood”, or “let your guard down”, enjoying some dark chocolate could be the answer!

Libido Enhancement

Part of dark chocolate’s ability to boost libido is a direct result of the mood enhancement we just referenced, but it goes deeper than this. 

The methylxanthines in dark chocolate are stimulants that increase bodily awareness and sensitivity to touch, enhancing your physical sensations. This can lead to more intense arousal and a stronger sexual response. In other words, you feel everything WAY more.

That’s not all either. The zinc found in dark chocolate can support testosterone production, which plays a key role in regulating sexual desire and stamina in both genders. Contrary to what many assume, women need healthy testosterone levels for optimal sexual function too!

Antioxidant Benefits and Overall Wellbeing

Antioxidants in dark chocolate, such as polyphenols and catechins, protect cells from damage by free radicals, which can impact fertility and cell health. 

These antioxidants also support good heart health, which is directly connected to sexual performance since cardiovascular issues can impede the ability to maintain physical arousal and stamina. 

Tips on Harnessing the Dark Chocolate Benefits for Sex

There are clearly a lot of benefits of eating dark chocolate before sex - but you might be thinking it sounds too good to be true. That’s why we highly encourage you to try it out yourself!

So, here are some tips on making the most of this natural aphrodisiac in your sex life, from choosing the right products to figuring out when to eat dark chocolate for sex.

Choosing the Right Dark Chocolate

We mentioned earlier that darker chocolate will offer more profound benefits for your sex drive, which is why you should aim for at least 60% cocoa.

You’re getting more flavonoids and antioxidants with less sugar, which is not just better for reaping the dark chocolate sex benefits but overall health and wellness.

But there’s more to the story than cocoa content. Processing plays a role here too. So, look for as minimal processing as possible to preserve the natural benefits of cocoa beans.

Beyond dark chocolate itself, there are specialized sex chocolate formulations that take things a step further. So, what is sex chocolate? Better yet, what is in sex chocolate? Look for herbs like maca, epimedium (horny goat weed), DHEA, and/or kanna.

These can work in synergy to supercharge the sex benefits of dark chocolate. We’ll introduce you to our formulation here at Tabs in just a few moments so you can experience this type of concoction firsthand.

Timing is Everything

Eating dark chocolate before sex requires careful timing. We recommend consuming dark chocolate 1-2 hours before intimate activities to ensure the stimulating effects like improved blood flow and mood enhancement are active when you need them most. 

Now, how long does sex chocolate take to kick in specifically? This more meticulously formulated version works much faster. You can take it just 30 minutes before the act. Similarly, how long does sex chocolate last? In some cases, up to 3 hours!

Other Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

We know you came here specifically to learn about the dark chocolate benefits for sex, but there are so many other ways you can boost libido and enhance your sex life. The best approach to addressing issues with poor sexual function is in a holistic manner.

Combine dark chocolate with other lifestyle changes like maintaining a balanced diet rich in other aphrodisiac foods such as oysters and figs, engaging in regular exercise to boost endurance and body confidence, and ensuring adequate sleep to keep energy levels high. 

You should also work on your relationship itself. Communicate with your partner and find out what you can do to make sure they enjoy themselves to the fullest in the bedroom and vice versa.

Experience the Sex Benefits of Dark Chocolate Firsthand With Tabs!

While the benefits of eating dark chocolate before sex are well documented, we’ve taken things a step further here at Tabs with our aphrodisiac chocolate formulation. It’s a carefully crafted blend designed to enhance your intimate experiences. Here’s what makes it unique:

  • 60% Cocoa: Our dark chocolate not only tastes exquisite but is also rich in flavonoids to improve blood circulation and heart health, which are crucial for sexual performance.
  • Kanna: A powerful mood enhancer used for centuries in traditional medicine to reduce anxiety and stress, contributing to a relaxed state that is ideal for intimacy.
  • Maca Root: Known for its ability to boost energy and balance hormones. Maca root helps you sustain energy levels throughout your intimate moments so you don’t tire out too early. After all, these types of moments are meant to be enjoyed slowly at your own pace!
  • Epimedium: Also known as horny goat weed, Epimedium is known for its libido-enhancing properties. It supports sexual health by enhancing arousal and sexual function.

We source our ingredients carefully and ethically before infusing them together in our FDA-registered facility here in the USA. We have strict quality control measures in place to maintain potency and purity, all for the sake of maximizing your pleasure.

We know what you’re thinking…does sex chocolate work? It sure does, and with more than 200,000 satisfied customers and counting, you don’t have to take our word for it either. 

Furthermore, your purchase is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are you’ll be back for more. So, what are you waiting for? The dark chocolate sex benefits are just a few clicks away at Tabs.  

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate Before Sex 

There you have it - everything you need to know about the dark chocolate benefits for sex. In summary, this delectable treat is rich in flavonoids which help improve cardiovascular health and circulation, both of which are essential for arousal and performance.

It also boosts mood and reduces stress through its natural compounds like serotonin and phenylethylamine, making it a delightful prelude to intimacy. The libido-enhancing properties of dark chocolate can help you deepen emotional connections while increasing physical pleasure.

But if you really want to elevate your intimate experiences, take things a step further with our innovative formulation here at Tabs. It includes other highly-touted aphrodisiacs and ingredients to support optimal sexual function, making those special moments extra special.

You can learn more about how to make aphrodisiac chocolate or the side effects of sex chocolate in our blog if you’d like to learn more before trying it. 

Otherwise, what’s holding you back? With a 30-day money-back guarantee, we invite you to experience the dark chocolate sex benefits firsthand at Tabs today. Enhanced sensuality and well-being are just a few clicks away!